About Colleen

Treasurer Colleen Davis has earned a reputation as a principled innovative and practical servant, focused on some of the most important issues confronting Delaware; economy, fiscal policy and wellbeing. Her commitment to making a difference for everyday Delawareans has earned Colleen praise from Delaware Business Times, Del-One Federal Credit Union, AARP which recently proclaimed that Colleen is a leader in finding “win-win solutions” to emerging fiscal challenges.

Serving on the Board of Pardons, Cash Management Policy Board, State Employee Benefits Committee, Delaware Volunteer Fire Council Fund Committee, Agricultural Land Preservation Board, Plans Management Board, Government Efficiency and Accountability Board and Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council Colleen is uniquely positioned to help nurture economic innovation and make Delaware more competitive in the global market.

In 2021, Treasurer Davis developed and proposed a plan to secure dignity in retirement for all Delaware workers, called Delaware EARNS. She has supported workers alongside her fellow Treasurers signing on to a letter to executives across several industries to reform and redesign the workspace for improved COVID-19 protections. Colleen has sent thousands of payments to unemployed workers during the tragic pandemic hardships that came unexpectedly to so many households in Delaware.

As a consultant for major hospital systems, she understands what it takes to develop sustainability amid an ever-changing economic landscape. Colleen gained an understanding of the complexities of creating economic growth on a large scale, realizing efficiencies, improving quality-of-care, and increasing viability – all while never losing focus on meeting the needs of the public.

Colleen understands personal risk as she has volunteered on a variety of local, national and international service trips, most recently in 2015. After Nepal was struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in April 2015, she went as a Physician Assistant to help people affected near Kathmandu. She was also seen on the frontlines at food distribution sites during the pandemic with a strong desire to meet so many basic and unmet needs.

Colleen’s personal background and professional experience has allowed her to uniquely understand the challenges faced by people and stakeholders of all backgrounds. As Treasurer, she has cultivated honest, trusting relationships that allow her to serve as a conduit between Delawareans and policy makers to ensure our financial planning puts people first.

Because Delawareans deserve a budget and economy that are strong long-term, but also protect the taxpayer and prioritize the interests of Main Street over Wall Street. That’s what Colleen has fought for during her several years in office and Delaware needs her now more than ever. We need your support in re-electing Colleen Davis as our state Treasurer on November 8th 2022.